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About the company
Our company develops and supports websites, and creates applications for Android and iOS. We constantly assimilate trending progressive technologies (Apple Watch, Jibo, OculusRift, Arduino, Amazon Echo) and can confidently claim that we occupy a leading place in the ranking of development companies on the largest exchange of outsourcing services. Our team is constantly looking for talented people and is open to cooperation with both professionals and beginners and young specialists.
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Our advantages
Career growth
A colleague who has passed the certification can climb the career ladder, having started his journey from the position of a junior specialist.

You can plan your own career growth

Most of Onix-Systems' customers are from Europe and the USA, and good knowledge of the English language is required for successful cooperation and communication with them.

We offer language courses if you need to improve your knowledge.

Our team receives a special compensation package for attending conferences (Odessa JS, Lviv IT Arena, Lviv Mobile Development Day, etc.)

This is a chance to be inspired, find like-minded people and become a speaker.

Free schedule
We don't have those who are late. Everyone can organize their 8 working hours in a way that is personally convenient for them.

You can choose the most effective working time for you

Flexible work format
Everyone chooses how to work: from the office, remotely from anywhere in the world or combine these two formats.

And we will do everything to ensure that the efficiency of your work is at the same high level and provide everything you need.

Lounge area
We have a comfortable office with individual workplaces, rest areas, and a terrace.

Excellent conditions for comfortable and efficient work and rest of colleagues.

We appreciate in our colleagues:
  • The ability to work in a team, to understand and hear colleagues
  • Orientation to the result
  • Creativity and the ability to perform tasks in a focused manner
  • Independence and efficiency in work
We are made for each other if:
  • Difficulties for you are not a reason to stop
  • You know how to accept failures and solve problems
  • It is important to you who works next to you
  • You are able to learn independently and do not need strict control

Step 1. Send your resume, indicate your skills and desired field of work. And also be ready for the test task.


Step 2. Come to visit us. Over coffee, we will discuss your possibilities and the results of the test task


Step 3. You start building a career in our company. Welcome on board!

Our colleagues about work at Onix:

Onix pleasantly surprised me. When I was still a student, I heard about the company so many times. It turned out to be so different from all stereotypical companies in the post-Soviet territory. Onix has destroyed many other stereotypes for me since I started to work here. From the very first day, Onix provided me with everything I needed for my work: tech, tea, and sweets.  

Since the day I joined Onix, I have had a lot of interesting experiences: OnixTV, TownHalls, breakfasts for newcomers with the CEO, Onix Connect, etc.

I am happy to be a part of the company 🙂

Dmitrii Melnik

Working at Onix is my dream job. The company’s policy is trust, loyalty, and open-mindedness. I appreciate the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals. It always fascinates me how the development team implements nearly every client’s wish. Sometimes you try to figure out the requirements for quite some time while the team has already figured it out and even done it!

Everyone who works at Onix can fulfill their need for self-development and self-improvement.

It is an opportunity to earn a decent wage for your hard nine-to-five work. It is a great place for meeting new people who can become your good friends. It is a comfortable office with the rest areas and lots of other benefits.

Olga Arkusha

I am so glad that one fine day I ended up at Onix. Working at the company provides you with an experience and lots of opportunities for self-development. Every day you get new exciting tasks, solving which contributes to your growth. When you are a part of this company, you really understand how much time the company dedicates to personnel’s development, how many benefits the company provides – basically, it does everything for you to love your job!

Aleksandra Moroz

It’s been a year since I started to work with the company which, I guess, is enough to share my experience and feedback. I wish to highlight the following:

  1. The atmosphere. Here at Onix, I have everything for my comfortable work: a neat office and open-armed colleagues. Whether you require aid, advice, or simple chit-chat about the workflow – you will always find it. A comfy chair? Not a problem.
  2. The growth potential. No matter the position you had when you began working at Onix, if you want to do something new, you are welcome to give it a try.
  3. The initiative. It is not forbidden, it is welcomed. Which is rare to come by.
  4. The people. It is the biggest and most important resource. Many of them are already more than simply colleagues but really good friends.
Marina Pemakhova

I like working at ONIX because there are opportunities to develop in any direction you like. Here, periodically, from the initiative and work of various people, new areas of work grow, departments are opened and people come who want to improve processes. Everyone is very friendly and ready to help.

Serhii Kholin
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